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Podcasts sur les incidents humanitaires

18 January 2019


NGO Security Management

Épisode 6 – Que deviennent les informations sur les incidents : le point de vue de l’analyste

In this episode of the Humanitarian Incidents podcast we speak to Frances Nobes, Security Operations and Research Analyst for World Vision International.

Frances discusses what we mean when we talk about ‘analysis’, why it matters, and the role incident information can play in it, as well as some of the common challenges that analysts face and ways for organisations to overcome them.

Frances is responsible for leading analytical support for security operations for World Vision, one of the world’s largest INGOs, dedicated to providing life in all its fullness to over 100 million sponsored children, their families and communities in over 90 countries worldwide. Frances works with a wide range of stakeholders across multiple functions in support of key projects and conducts analysis that ensures end-to-end security capability and delivery to the field. She plays a key part in shaping and influencing areas of organisational strategic risk and readiness while also providing an interface between the World Vision security operations team and the wider humanitarian security research and analysis community.

Prior to joining World Vision, Frances spent five years in the private sector. During this time she worked as an intelligence analyst, writing reports on transnational security issues such as kidnapping, terrorism and civil and political unrest, as well as supporting security risk management consultancy functions. In addition, she produced and delivered bespoke training to organisations on the topics of travel safety and crisis management. Frances holds a Master’s Degree in International Relations from the University of St Andrews, and a Master’s Degree in Intelligence & International Security from King’s College London.

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