SIIM is the process of collecting and using information related to safety and security incidents to ensure staff safety and access to beneficiaries.

What is SIIM?

SIIM improves data collection by providing guidance on reporting and information storing processes. It is about analysing information to learn and share lessons, and using incident information consciously to improve security and safety of people and programs.


Improving security incident information management allows an organisation to:

  • reduce the impact of incidents
  • improve its ability to prevent future incidents
  • meet duty of care obligations
  • make sound operational decisions and engage in effective advocacy to improve access to communities.

Who benefits from SIIM?

Anyone could be involved in a security or safety incident. Better SIIM ensures that every story is sensitively transformed into actions: employees, security managers, HR staff, decision makers, advocacy workers can benefit from good SIIM.

How to use SIIM

SIIM is your project. Wherever you’re starting from, we offer you guidance, tools and food for thought. You can self-assess your organisation, discover the roadmap to the ideal SIIM, download and adapt tools in 4 languages, access country profiles and listen to podcasts. Access the relevant resources according to your needs via the links below.